Sultry sounds of the 70's mixed with the experimental nature of the now, The White Eyes have heralded a new sound that has swept Taiwan like a rock party typhoon. With female singer Gao Xiao Gao's soulful, occasionally mystic vocals, over compositions that include elements of disco punk groove, garage guitar riffs and subtle electro inflections, the band has become a well known party vehicle in their hometown of Taipei as well as all around the island. In 2005, they made a freshman contribution to the third Lobo compilation and, in 2007, they released their first mini-album Get My Body If You Want It.

Since their early shows, White Eyes have become an explosion of dance rock and effects-laden intensity lead by Gao's empowered sexuality. They started often playing shows with B.B. Bomb, another girl punk band that began to try Yeah Yeah Yeah's style indie rock, and soon were playing all the major festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz. In 2008, the band was invited to compete among the finalists at the Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Awards and ended up winning the battle of the bands. The White Eyes continue to be an attraction at places like the Underworld where Gao can be seen wearing freaky spandex costumes and screeching over the band's artsy garage rock.

Live at Spring Scream Double Rat 2008



Gt My Body If You Want It - 2007