After former Ladybug guitarist Wan-Ting returned to Taiwan in 2003 from studying sound engineering in Chicago, she formed the experimental group Tin Pan Alley alongside Sugar Plum Ferry guitarist Xiao-Bai. Occasionally cited as taking influence from math rock for their odd rhythms and jazz elements, each song contains Wan-Ting's own jagged surfy riffing technique rendering Tin Pan Alley unique among the post rock scene. Using her newly learned skills, Wan-Ting self-recorded, produced and released their first album Entering Another Tunnel in less than a year and even managed to tour Japan with the band. In 2005, the group received international attention for a music video featured at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Because of Wan-Ting's status as an indie icon of sorts for her part as a founding member of the influential Ladybug as well as her ambitions in the local music industry through her label 7 Inch Vinyl, Tin Pan Alley's shows were highly anticipated events. The entourage most often played The Underworld where the performances came together to create a kind of futuristic post-rock lounge setting especially because of the no-wave-esque fusion of alternate instrumentation including saxophone and trumpet with guitar-centered compositions. While Tin Pan Alley has not appeared on stage for several years, the key members are still active in other projects and a reformation with old and new material is not an impossibility.




Entering Another Tunnel -7 Inch Vinyl - 2003