Dissatisfied with the lack of support for indie musicians as well as the lack of attention to details of sound, indie rock icon Wan Ting Huang founded 7 Inch Vinyl Records in 2004 as a way of releasing her own material under her own supervision. Wan Ting's previous experience studying sound engineering at Columbia College Chicago helped her avoid relying on professional studios which are notorious in Taiwan for turning the creative aspects of indie and punk music into radio friendly pop productions. Wan Ting is probably best know for her part in the formation of the Taiwanese indie scene as a member of the influential post-punk girl band Ladybug, but she has also worked on a number of side projects including Orange Space, the math rock group Tin Pan Alley and indie electronic unit Varo. In 2004, Wan Ting released Tin Pan Alley's Entering Another Tunnel, then under 7 Inch Vinyl she put out Varo's first album Hardcore Beach. In the same year 7 Inch also produced Yawaraka Flou by the Japanese/Taiwanese indie rock combo SMOL. The label remains active as a venue for Wan Ting's current projects including Chug D Lash with Mei of Ladybug, as well as older ones that she might choose to resurrect. The 7 Inch Vinyl releases that are still in print are available through the online web shop Pacifiction Records.