Varo formed in 2004 as a project of Wan Ting who had previously made a name for herself in the indie scene as a founding member of the seminal girl band Lady Bug. She left Lady Bug to study sound engineering in Chicago, and upon her return to Taiwan in 2003 she formed Tin Pan Alley to explore the experimental aspects of jazz and apply them to post rock ideology. By 2004, Wan Ting began looking for members for another project where she could incorporate her jagged guitar rhythms to electronic music. Unsurprisingly she found a few other independent film buffs like herself among Taiwan's indie scene and made Varo, taking the name from the female surrealist painter Remedios Varo to fit their mold as an experimental indie group that juxtaposes sight and sound by composing alternate soundtracks to their favorite movies. On Hardcore Beach, Show Yao, formerly of Bad Daughter, tweaked the effects and provided vox while Graffiti and Lydia from Chasing Sparrow played drums respectively. The second album saw a line up change bringing on Harry Lim for vocals and Lily from the Braces on drums. But both albums were applauded in indie circles around the globe for rethinking film soundtracks and coming up with new interpretations that subtly mimic the tone of the films they are named for.

Throughout their career, Varo performed at indie events like the UbU festival and digital arts expo Weather in My Brain, underground live houses like The Wall and the Underground and even alternative cafes such as Mo!Relax and NowHere. Before the 2006 line-up change Varo toured Australia with the help of Melbourne indie punk band Baseball and also gained some attention internationally with a review in the British music magazine The Wire. Several months after the second release My Body is the Tempo, Varo went on hiatus leaving Wan Ting thinking about another line-up change as well as moving onto other projects.

"Amores Perros" - MV



My Body is the Tempo - 7 Inch Vinyl - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Hardcore Beach - Silent Agreement - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 2 - White Wabit Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!